Radio Control

Radio-control models are limited to electric, sail, or live steam propulsion. Glow fuel model boats are not allowed in the WSBA due to the noise, pollution, and potential physical danger these boats pose.

About Us

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Membership in the WSBA is open to anyone with an interest in model shipbuilding. Our only restriction is that junior members have a responsible adult with them at activities with the club. Dues are $20.00 per calendar year.

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The WSBA is a “scale” model club. All models are supposed to be representative of a actual boat or type of boat. Radio-Controlled models attempt to recreate authentic operation as well as look like a full size boat. We do make some exceptions when our members take a little creative license, like R/C-ing a toy boat or making a R/C Shark, Duck, or Goose.

The WSBA is about promoting and enjoying the model shipbuilding hobby. If you are in need of help getting started you can contact a club in your area or we will be glad to help you. We receive many requests for assistance and we do our best to help. Membership in the WSBA is not necessary for us to give assistance. We have members who are very knowledgeable and are glad to share that knowledge.

The club holds monthly meetings on the second Thursday. At the meeting we conduct club business, plan, preview and recap events, and discuss our model building projects. Often members and guests will bring models in to show, or to request help with an issue. Meetings typically last about two hours.

During the summer we meet informally at Sheridan Park pond in Cudahy Sunday afternoon from about 1pm to 3pm. This is dependent on weather, pond conditions, and events scheduled on that weekend.

As a group the WSBA is required to hold a permit to use the Sheridan Park facility. Individuals can operate a non-internal combustion model boat on any suitable Milwaukee County Park pond without prior permission. Just be courteous to others using the park. For information on the parks click the logo below.

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Static Models

The club also welcomes static ”case model” builders. We also welcome people who may not wish to build their own models but have a interest in the hobby. Membership is open to anyone who has a interest in the model boating hobby.

Contacting Us

You can contact the club at

The WSBA does not publish individual member contact information. You may contact the club and messages will be passed on to the member in question.

We’re on Facebook

The WSBA is also on Facebook. We post news and event information there. Feel free to like us or follow us there.