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CS Hulls

Many modelers from the 50's through the 70's spent long hours struggling with the Sterling boat kits. Sterling had great ideas but the materials they used often were less than desirable. One model drove Chuck to near despair due to the hull coming out twisted. This wasn't an uncommon issue with Sterling boats. As he was just about to feed his hull to the wood burner an idea hit him. His friend Al was a professional fiberglasser. Chuck asked him to help correct the hull and make a mold of it. They collaborated and came up with his first mold. The end result is Chuck has a very serviceable 63 foot Motor Yacht. When other modelers who had similar issues heard of his hull he began getting requests for copies. That first project led to many others until Chuck developed broad list of hulls.

Chuck's hull policy

Chuck prefers making hulls which can be used as a base to make several different boats. An example: He used the fish tug hull to create a tour boat for himself (see below). He mostly stayed away from military subjects. The few he has done are the 95 foot Cape Class USCG Patrol Boat from the old model magazine plans, and a World War One Sub Chaser. His collection of molds is large. He is winding down the last few projects.

Purchasing a hull

Chuck doesn't sell his hulls for profit. Producing hulls has been a way for him to support and promote the hobby. Hull building for many modelers is the tedious part of the project. A fiberglass hull lets you get to the fun part faster. It also is more durable and less troublesome over time. The price for a hull is based on the current costs to produce the hull. Prices for materials have skyrocketed in the past few years. He sells the hulls at break even but they still are a significant investment.  A hull's size dictates the amount of material needed. Standard finish is white or gray gel coat. Shipping charges are additional.

Contacting Chuck

Chuck has not embraced the information superhighway so to contact him you must phone him. To prevent a flood of telemarketing we won't post his number here. If you would like to contact him about a hull email the WSBA at info@wimodelboats.org and we will provide his contact information by request. He operates his own full time business (express trucking) so calls will need to be made early evenings on weekdays (7pm to 9pm US Central Time) or on weekends.

50 foot Harbor Tugboat Hull (Midwest type) Scale: 1/24

This hull is based on the popular Midwest Success Series Harbor Tug. A very versatile design Midwest also offered a fireboat and fishing trawler on the same basic hull. Hull size: 24 3/4"”x 7 1/2"x 5”

85 Foot Harbor Tugboat Hull or Semi-Kit Scale: 1/35  (85’ ST Tug)

This tug is based on the plans drawn by Francis Smith and were published in the December 1974 issue of Model Builder Magazine. The plans were of the tug Angels Gate now a museum ship in Los Angeles, CA. The Angels Gate was built as ST- 695 in 1944.This hull is also suitable for boats in other scales. (Deck, cabin, and stack, included as a semi-kit) A yard tug top also available for a 50’ harbor tug.

Hull size: 36” x 10” x 5 ½”    .  

1950's Era Diesel Railroad Tug Scale: 1/32

Based on the discontinued Caldercraft model of the Erie RR Akron. The hull would be suitable for many railroad tugs of this era. Would work well using the Taubman/Loyalhanna Dockyard plans for the Paterson. Hull Size: 37 1/2" x 9 1/4" x 6"

River Towboat (Trip Boat) Scale: 1/24

Known as a trip boat or bucket boat this is the line haul towboat's little brother. Comes with hull and deck. The deck has diamond plate molded in. Hull size: 25 1/2" x 10" x 4"  

Great Lakes Lumber Hooker  Scale:  1/24

This hull is for a Great Lakes Lumber Hooker. These small ships hauled logs and cut lumber from the North Woods to markets throughout the Lakes. The hull form is almost identical to the larger lake boats which handled the bulk of shipping in the region.  This hull was based on the lumber hooker Jessie Spaulding. Chuck has a photo of the vessel from the Great Lakes Historical Society in Ohio. Taubman Plans Huron Brave would work on this hull. Hull size: 59 1/2"x 9 1/2"x 7"      

Great Lakes Gill Net Fish Tug Hull Scale:  1/24

Fish tugs evolved on the Great Lakes for gill netting Perch and Whitefish. Based on a tugboat hull and fully enclosed it is a workhorse in the bad weather which often plagues the Lakes. At 1/24 scale the hull would be for a 50 foot boat. The hull form adapts well to varying the scale for smaller or larger boats (within about 10 feet). Hull size: 24 3/4"x 7 1/2' x 6 1/2"       

Lobster Boat/Cranberry Isle (Midwest type)

Based on the Midwest 30" Lobster Boat kit and Cranberry Isle kit.  Hull size: 30"

Bunker Boat

Description coming soon.

63 Foot Motor Yacht (Sterling type)

Based on the Sterling 63 foot Motor Yacht (B11M) . It has the hull with deck, cabin, and roof.  

Catalina Cabin Cruiser (Sterling type)

Based on the Sterling Catalina (B7M) . It has the hull, deck, cabin in fiberglass. The steering console, seats and windshield are resin cast.  

Corvette Cabin Cruiser (Sterling Type)

Based on the Sterling 42 foot Corvette (B15M) . It has the hull, cabin, and roof.

Dauntless Cruiser hull (Dumas type)

Based on the Dumas Dauntless. This is a full sized Dauntless hull.

Runabout Hull

This hull is made from a modified Cape Class patrol boat hull.  The hull is approximately 1" shorter than the patrol boat and the transom is more vertical. Hull only.  

Lap Strake Cruiser

This hull is made from a modified Cape Class patrol boat hull.  The hull is approximately 1" shorter than the patrol boat and the transom is more vertical. Lap planks are molded into the hull. Hull only.  

Stretched Sea Maid

A section was added to the middle of a Sterling Sea Maid hull to lengthen it.   

Express Cruiser (Sterling Type)

Also called a Red & White for the color scheme of the original.  

95' Cape Class USCG Cutter (Ideal kit type)

Hull only, patterned from the old Ideal model kit.