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Belonging to a club be it model boats, airplanes, trains, scrap booking, collecting or any of a thousand others can be a educational and rewarding experience. It is a chance to make new friends, learn from the experience of others, and help perpetuate the hobby for the future.

The focus of our club is on scale model construction and r/c operation and this website emphasizes scale boat clubs.  In model boating there are various specialized fields of interest. Many overlap, but some are unique. When searching for a club you should have an idea of the type of boating you wish to do. The WSBA does not allow internal combustion engine powered boats, even scale ones. We restrict propulsion types to electric, sail, and live steam. Our club does allow fast electrics, but we do not sanction any racing. We currently don’t have a sailboat racing program but sailing is a large contingent in the club. These are things to consider when looking for a club to suit your interests.

All clubs on this list have websites  or Facebook pages which facilitate contacting them. This list is not all inclusive. Many model boat clubs do not currently have a website. If you are interested in finding a club near you check with your local hobby dealer, librarian, or recreation department. Also, if you are interested in R/C sailing, racing, or warship combat contact the national organizations which sanction them (i.e. AMYA, NAMBA, IMPBA, IRCWCC, etc.). They can direct you to a club in your area.